Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chinese Chain Restaurant

So, I was just now thinking.. what am I going to do with my future? This is a question that I have spent many dark hours brooding about. Never once have I come up with an answer that I would drop everything to pursue. Until now.

There are a few chinese restaurant chains out there (panda express blah blah) but the potential of that part of the industry is still untapped. Once I win the lottery (pray for me) I will start my own fast food chain called "Wok It Out". With variations like "EAST SIDE: Wok it out" and "SOUTH SIDE: Wok it out". My flagship dish, in competition with Mcdonalds' Big Mac and Burger King's Whopper would be a Scallion Crust Pizza (remind me to think of a more appealing name--maybe Wangsta Deepdish or some shit) and instead of fries we would have mini skinny egg rolls ( or lean mean). Oh, and Ken Jeong would definitely be my mascot if I had a choice.

If you truly believe that this is not the greatest plan for a fast food chain ever conceived, then I will have to tell you that you are a moron.

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