Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yea so in my boredom

I got all my Gamefaqs accounts either banned or put on Purgatory. Oh, and I created this blog. I can't decide which was the worst idea. Furthermore, I'm about done with the Chronicles of Naria, and I'm going to start reading TWILIGHT (gag me) after. As you can tell, dear reader, I live a VERY VERY entertaining life

Let's see.. here are some things I've done in the past MONTH I've been home (none of which are interesting):

1. Try and prepare for the GMAT :(
2. Read children's books ( like the two I mentioned)
3. Check up on Penn State football recruiting... every 6 hours
4. Work on my lamesoss online internship
5. Try very hard to remember what I dreamed about last night. (one dream had to do with chasing Soulja Boy into a Library)

On a different note:

Have you ever had Blue Crab Spread?
Kid you not, that stuff is like crack mixed with heroin.. mixed with crab.

Also on a different note: I hate those God awful verison Fios commericals with that retarded Fios guy and that poor poor Cable guy. It makes me want to go on a murder spree and then painfully beat myself to death with a blunt object. I hate this commerical almost as much as I hate "HI I'M A MAC" commericals.

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